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Marriage Bliss or Bless?

The spectacle that was the wedding of Harry & Meghan this last weekend in London reminded us again that love and loving isn’t as fragile as we sometimes want to believe.  The right Reverend Curry from Chicago blew in and blew sensibilities and ramrod straight backs out the stained glass windows…. having a Royal wedding filled with Hollywood (and even some Bollywood) will do that.

We arrived in town last Tuesday and our hotel was filled with glamour and gowns and more tuxedoes than probably exist in all of British Columbia. Prince Harry was spotted by countless guests and so the anxieties and the FOMO were in full swing at the Grosvenor House… a hotel that the former Ms. Markle reportedly called her favourite…(who writes this stuff?) Tuesday was just the start.  Nightly displays of the best in show abounded.  We drank it all in… (or was that the free wine in the lounge?)

We spent the first 6 sunny days of this 30th anniversary trip frequenting some of our favourite haunts and reflecting on changes to the landscape and changes to our lives.  30 years married.  Full of bliss?  Absolutely…at least 50% of the time… Blessed? — 100% of the time.  Looking at your life as one that is blessed is a personal choice for us.  Lots will disagree, but really,  being blessed is an attitude.  Being a victim on the other hand is super easy and often the go-to in our current society.  Which is quite unfortunate.

But let’s not go off topic.  Being caught up in the excitement of a national wedding is infectious.  If you were grumpy during these celebrations… you really were missing the boat.  We ran into a senior gentleman on the elevator who had gone out to Windsor at 3:30 am to just be part of it all.  Kudos to him. I watched from afar in the comfort of my luxury bed.  Blessed?  Absolutely.

Harry and Meghan ideally have a good foundation. The brand new Duchess of Sussex seems to be have a great head on her shoulders.  Feet firmly planted and a strong, loving demeanor that will help and sustain Harry through the endless Royal duties that will inevitably only increase now that there is a Mrs. Harry.   It seemed that the Prince was looking for the right one for a long time.  He seemed to struggle with his mental state and his party state. Colliding the two in the public eye with shenanigans that just endeared him to us even more… we got to see a Royal who seemed to be one of us.  And we loved him all the more for it.  Then he met our Rachel, favourite paralegal and well… we were 100% hooked.


But does any of this mean bliss?  Unfortunately no.   Bliss will come when they choose blessed.   They started well… Ms. Markle brought in a gospel preacher who drew us all in with his fire and brimstone style of LOVE message.  Hell, he even wound in Dr. King and slavery.   All the while speaking to love.  Unselfish love. Sacrificial love.  Love that moves the mountains and then moves the hearts.

But even Rev Curry’s message won’t guarantee the newlyweds their bliss.   This they will have to sort out on their own…behind their doors… away from us the public … and find a way to negotiate their way through a life unlike any one elses.  While we all watch.  We send our apologies in advance for our idoitic appetites for gossip.  May you choose to look at it as blessed… and in it… find your bliss.

Their marriage has brought us all a bit closer to each other. The thought that a Hollywood actress of mixed race with a single relative at the wedding would be the one that affects change… it is a pretty outrageous thought.  And a wonderful one.  But she has. With glamour and with grace.

Meghan Markle you have done an amazing job keeping your head about you through the media whirlwhind. Keep it up.  I toast you and I toast you and Harry and your new life and I wish you happiness and endless, beautiful, wedded, blessed bliss. harry and meghanduke and duchess


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