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From my travel files…. LeSport Christmas 2008. Amy Winehouse RIP

When December rolled around this year
Don and Con decided to yet again not to be near
So they hopped a plane to St Lucia
Where in the past they had escaped from the minutia
The first night they met up with Julia, Richard and Matt
Over dinner enjoying a visit and chat
Julie the beautiful blond newly in from Leeds      
Now enjoying much warmer weather indeed Matt the fresh faced Welshman who cheers for
THAT team
Where winning the cup is only a dream  
Richard’s been here longer than he cares to admit
But at least his name around here is not Dick
Julia arrived to carry out training up in the spa
Where we are certain her standards will soon become law
Matt came on board to make bodies more aware
To teach the unhealthy guests how to take more care
Richard tries to teach us to spin, balance and have marital fun
Without his expertise, most things would not run


Julia tends to her students and her friend Natalie
Who we think before long will possibly be free
Matt who appeared on the beach as drunk Santa                                   
We know that he would much rather be watching Sentanta                 
Richard the ever present ultimate host at this resort
We know he will certainly be missed when he leaves LeSport
And so that one gets left out of my rhyming tribute
We reserve this mention for the latest body holiday recruit
For the subtly intriguing Amy with her ever present leer
This does go down as one of the most unique Christmases around here  (RIP Amy)
You three at our table have made our stay so fabulously great
And so we toast you now on Christmas two thousand and eight!
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