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Food Miles

This is an edited version of a power point presentation I did for a group when I was taking some speaking lessons…..

What do they mean to you…?                            

On average, the food we purchase at the supermarket has travelled   4500 km to reach our plates.

Food now goes from a farm, to a processor, to a distributor, to a grocer, and finally to a consumer

…these food miles contribute 51,709 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually…

(phew…. smelly!!)

 In the UK, the figures are staggering…

1 billion kilometres are logged in just to move the food around the UK…

 this doesn’t include getting the food to the UK from other countries…

Switching to locally grown foods removes the equivalent greenhouse

gases of 16,191 cars annually

A big culprit is beef… almost 5800 km to get a steak to your plate

(so buy your beef locally)

You think your pear is any better…? 6000 km to get it to your kitchen

 What can you do?

-buy from a local green grocer

-buy from your local greenhouse producer

-ask your supermarket to bring in local products

-frequent your local farmers markets

Don’t these olives look appetizing?

Unfortunately they have come a long way to get to tease your palate…

Try experimenting with the 100 mile diet, choosing foods that can be grown 100 miles or less from your house….


You will be surprised at what you will find out…

Once you start looking, you will find that the local market is overflowing with supply…

During the harvest months, purchase more than you need and try preserving some…

Most fruits and vegetables can be frozen or canned with great results!

One step at a time is all that is required

going overboard is only a ‘recipe’ for disaster

Start with reading a few labels…

•       Look for ‘imported from’ or ‘imported for’ …this means it came from another country

•       With produce, the signage should list where it comes from

•       Ingredients… A shorter list is a better list…

Less suppliers involved with creating the product


A little information and knowledge about

where your food comes from is all that is needed to get started…

 soon you will be on the food road to a more sustainable life!

•       We currently produce enough food for 12 Billion people, when there are only

6 Billion who need to be fed

•       At the same time 900 million go hungry

•       What’s up with that?


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