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Blood stain on your new shirt? no problem…really, no problem at all.

This is just a random post. Do you know how to remove blood from clothing?  It always amazes me when I can successfully remove it.  I learnt my lesson a few years back,  I cut my finger just before going on holiday… I actually tend to do this quite frequently, I think the distraction factor of an imminent holiday makes me careless in the kitchen.  Last February I actually went as far as slamming my thumb into my car door… yes, the car door I use most days and close successfully.  And had to then go to Hawaii with stitches and finger rubbers….  oh yah, it was all very attractive.  And no I did not take pictures… I was too mad at myself.

Anyways, a few years back I cut my finger in the kitchen, got the blood on a pair of grey jeans I needed to take with me to Europe.  And then I didn’t do what I normally do and tried something new and then I ruined the jeans.  I went as far as bleaching them, then I went to the store that sold clothing dye and tried to dye them back to the correct colour.  Ok,  what was I thinking?  I was completely out of my mind.  The end result was that I changed the colour scheme of what I was travelling with and re-packed.  This was all on the DAY WE WERE LEAVING.  Insane.

So I never waiver from this method now.  If you get blood on your clothes,  take them off… then run cold water over onto the stain and let the stain soak in cold water.  It has to be cold.  This even works on blood that has set.  I know cause I just tried it.  I had blood on a shirt that I didn’t realize had blood on it until I took the shirt out of the closet to wear again.  After a few hours, the stain was almost gone.  Then I just squirted some Oxy Clean Baby stain remover on it while it was still wet and the blood was completely gone.  This was on a baby blue shirt.

I use Oxy Clean Baby stain remover because I want to believe that anything with the word Baby on it is gentler on me, we and the environment. I may be out to lunch on this but as we use a lot of stain remover on Don’s shirts for the necks…I feel that maybe its gentler on his neck the next time he wears the shirt.  And we all know that not all the soap residues wash out of our clothes…. or do we?   Soap doesn’t wash completely out of clothes.  That’s why people with soap allergies have issues… there is only so much rinsing a washing machine can do.

And there you have it,  a random blog on getting blood out of clothes.

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