Toronto… the centre of the universe… or is it? Maybe its Orangeville.

04 Dec

Earlier in fall, I went on a road trip to the wonderfully concrete and highway heavy Toronto.  I don’t usually go along with Don, but decided to this time as there were some very cool extra events planned.

Our friend Rodney Hough (, arranged for me to cook at his former restaurant One99 in Orangeville (  They have a program at the restaurant where wannabes from the public can come and cook with a chef for the afternoon and part of the evening…. then they feed you a fabulous meal(and wine)   This dinner had been a while in the making…  I don’t often get to Toronto.  When I do, I sometimes see Rodney, sometimes not. He and I have been conversing about all things food related for a number of years now. And then finally, our schedules converged and we had a date.

I spent the afternoon hanging out with Chef Roger and we made a variety of dishes.  Then for part of the dinner service, I cooked with Chef’s Mike and Craig and got to serve out some mains.  Mike is the Executive Chef and Craig, his brother, is the Sous Chef.  The team at One99 is exactly that….a team.  They respect each other and all get along famously.  The experience was fabulous and hopefully they will have me back one day to do it again.


Vension tenderloin 'wrapped' in a mousseline of shrimp and scallop

Vension tenderloin ‘wrapped’ in a mousseline of shrimp and scallop

-mousseline usually means that its bound with egg whites, but in this case we kept everything very cold, bowl, crustaceans, blade,  then pureed in spurts to bind the proteins.  Then we ‘wrapped’ the mousse onto the outside of the tenderloin piece, held on with caul fat.  After assembled, put all back in the fridge to keep together.  Upon an order, its baked in the oven until rare and served, cut in 3, on some Spaetzle with vegetables.


  • 1 pound of flour
  • 5 eggs
  • ¾ cup water
  • 1 teaspoon salt


…and you need a Spaetzlebrett!  This is the way its made in Germany.  I must say, labour instensive but oh so fun…. ( …. so instead of going into the long winded way we did it… here is a link to what we did. ( I know, I cheated, but I was so busy at this step that there are no pictures)

After the we pulled it out of the water, we put it on large, parchment lined pans and put a little oil on it to prevent sticking.  Then it was all put in a fridge drawer and single portions were pulled out as needed… sauteed with some butter and you have it.  A few blanched, then sauteed veg and the dish is ready.

Slow cooked Duck legs

Some of the other items were, smoked harvest vegetable soup, wasabi crusted tuna, mussells, duck…

Serving up Mussells

I had a blast doing this and hopefully will get to do it again in the future.


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2 responses to “Toronto… the centre of the universe… or is it? Maybe its Orangeville.

  1. Mark Loeffler

    December 5, 2011 at 7:42 am

    What and we were not invited to enjoy the culinary masterpiece?

    • conniejcampbell

      December 5, 2011 at 10:35 am

      Hi Mark, it was my first time doing it and I didn’t exactly know how it would turn out. Ideally I will do it again (I have been invited back), and I will let you know.


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