When I get to wifi, I will categorize and tag appropriately…Meanwhile here is the trip to Ludlow

10 Sep

So we left Aber… Little did we know the locals got a little tired of the mouthful of saying Aberystwyth… And renamed it Aber?! (we practiced for weeks to say it correctly!)

We hiked and ate and hiked some more and… OK enough of that…. After 3 days of gale force winds, we got in the 1 series and headed across to Ludlow. It was almost uneventful, driving across the ‘border’ from Wales to England. When you do, the Ministry of Transport breathes a big sigh of relief and gives up thanks for the relative cheap cost of road signs that they have in England.

As we can appreciate in Canada, the cost prohibitiveness(sp) of a bilingual people is not something to be taken lightly….or for granted (thank you Pierre)

So we got to the Elm Lodge on the outskirts of Ludlow in a lush spot named Fishmore. The lodge was situated on a 9 Hole, par 3 golf course, backing onto a number of fields home to black sheep and Alpacas.

And I think I will save the rest until later and send you once again some images from along the way.

The festival had some most memorable moments and then some disappointments… But the lateness of the hour is calling so once again I am going to post and hope for the best…. No wifi, so faith abounds and my ability to post ‘blindly’….. enjoy….. (Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device in Europe)

img00347 20110907 1221
img00343 20110906 2245
img00325 20110906 1707
img00322 20110906 1704
img00359 20110908 1450
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