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10 Sep
 So where were we?… Oh yah… I uploaded the car photo and off the email-blog-post went. Ooops! Needless to say we visited with our wonderful friends Matt Powell and Charlene Killeen, who planned on having a baby on August 18th, but instead delayed the inevitable until 6 days before we got there.

As would have it, the in-laws/out-laws left the afternoon we arrived so we met at a pub and had the first ‘day’ out for Mom Lenny and new baby Ace.

Don and I carried onwards to Aberystwyth with ‘Sheila’ as our guide. We learned early on, not only from warning signs on the motorway…. But from first hand experience, ‘Sheila’ aka GPS or SatNav as they refer to it over here….WALES IS NOT IN THE COMPUTER.

Sorry Matt, I had to let you down lightly, but the SatNav/Google people just didn’t think it high on the priority list to get the roadways accurate…. thankfully I have a sense of direction (AND a google map printed out in Canada!). Let me tell you about getting to the Welsh coast… Actually let’s not and let me just upload some photos from our time in Aberystwyth…….. (Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device in Europe)


img00312 20110905 1735

img00350 20110907 1229
img00332 20110906 1935
img00353 20110907 1404
img00354 20110908 1154
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