Blog update from my phone?! Who knew…

14 Aug

Woke up to a grey, cool day so I decided that today would be a good as day as any to get our planes, trains and automobiles in order for our trip.

Those last details like which bus, train, tube or all of the above to move us from point A to point B. When I get all engrossed in the travel, I start to feel we are already on holidays! Especially if I use Google Streetview, my brain thinks I am standing on the corner I am looking at. Its great.

Maps printed, car rented, tickets in hand…now comes the hard part of packing for the trip. We go through a number of weather zones so its VERY easy to overpack….which is my tendency. Just take laundry soap and all will be well.

Ok…update over. Let’s see if this mobile posting works!
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